Traction Tracks

“Traction Tracks” are specific training/resourcing/coaching/implementation components developed within West Ohio’s Missional Church Consultation Initiative (MCCI), now available in individual short courses for churches of any size and setting.  

Does your congregation need to gain a new specific aspect of traction in order to begin moving forward into renewed vitality? Consider which of these next Traction Track offerings might be right for you. *Every Traction Track involves your pastor plus a team from your church. Click on any of these links to find out more, and to register online. New Traction Tracks are launching in early 2018. 


Breakthrough Prayer Initiative (one-session training)

Every new movement of church renewal always begins through prayer, asking God to bring new possibilities and hope. Learn how to lay a foundation of churchwide prayer that will move your congregation from looking down and in, to up and out!  identical Traction Track single sessions are available. Learn more about the Breakthrough Prayer Initiative here. Registration links for sessions are below:  
  • Saturday, October 6, 2018 9:30am-2:30pm Host Location: New City UMC - Dayton  (MVD district)  Register here.
  • Sunday, November 11,, 2018 2:00pm -7:00pm  Host Location: Waynesville UMC - Waynesville  (ORV district) Register here.


Family Ties: Home, Church, and Community (four-session training)

Family Ties teaches churches how to rethink and intentionally change your current approach to reach and disciple new children and families at home, in church and within your local community. Connect anew with the next generation! This four-session Traction Track intentionally focuses on developing leadership skills and teaching best ministry practices while leading churches, pastors, staff and unpaid leaders in the most important and proven strategies in creating a Family-driven/Church-empowering ministry. Learn more about Family Ties here. Sessions begin November 10, and will hosted at St. Marks United Methodist Church, Findlay. (NWP district)  Register here.


Church Communications and Visual Identity Training (three-session training)

Does your church need to refine its efforts to reach beyond the four walls of the church, but you are not sure where to start?  This Traction Track will help your church team learn how to: 1) conduct an audit and assess your effectiveness in communicating inside and outside the church; 2) clean up the design of your communication materials to maximize your impact (your church's visual identity); and  3) develop a year-long communications strategy specific to your church.  Sessions will be hands-on workshops and require pre-work to be done for each session by your church's team, and begin  the first of three training sessions on September 29, at St Paul Community UMC.  Register here.


 Newcomers - How to Acquire, Track, and Keep Them (two-sesson training)

It is difficult to manage what you cannot measure.  In this Traction Track you will develop a system to help your church retain the guests by closing the "back door".  During this two-part track we will help you to strategically put systems in place to: 1)Improve hospitality, 2) Develop a mechanism to get the names of your first-time guests, 3) Create a follow-up system to help your guests become connected and invested in your church, and 4) Develop a discipleship pathway.  Register here.


Creating a Social Media Strategy for Your Church (two-session training)

It's important to use social media on behalf of your church - it's where the people are!  Learn how to establish a consistent and positive social media presence to generate maximum impact with minimal investment of time and money. Sessions begin October 16, and will be hosted at North Broadway United Methodist Church, Columbus. (CAN district)   Register here.


Sparking a Volunteer Revolution Through Catalytic Outreach (two-session training)

Catalytic events can be great momentum triggers for your church, regardless of the size. Moving from an inward-focused church to an outward-focused movement will not only help you establish a volunteer culture, it will change your community. If the local church is the hope of the world, how can you do your part by being the hands, feet, and heartbeat of Jesus in your community? In this Traction Track, you’ll learn how to create, organize, fund, and execute a community impacting outreach event that will change the way people see your church - both inside and outside the walls. Sessions begin on Wednesday, April 11 hosted at North Broadway United Methodist Church, Columbus. (CAN District) Learn more about Sparking a Volunteer Revolution Through Catalytic Outreach here