Thank You for Your Generous Giving

Thanks to your generosity, the Conference finished 2020 in a solid financial position. Yes, our receipts on apportioned connectional giving were less than forecast, but our expenses were low. Those trends combined with a PPP loan meant we started 2021 on solid footing. 

The Conference situation may sound a lot like your church’s, if the feedback we’re hearing is correct. Unclear at the end of 2020, however, was whether our strong finish was a result of churches working to catch up on giving from earlier in 2020 or if there was momentum. Our first quarter results suggest at least some amount of momentum coming out of 2020. Through March 31, 2021, receipts on connectional giving to Districts, the Conference and the General Church are up 18% over 2020, most of which reflects a pre-COVID 2020 comparison period. Thank you! In addition to continuing programs as planned and budgeted, your generosity gave the Council on Finance and Administration the confidence to send an additional $200,000 to the General Church, making up for shortfall in direct receipts. 

As part of a $200,000 program, we’ve also just disbursed $120,000 in technology support grants to local churches. Neither of these connectional endeavors would be possible without your past and continuing generosity. Again, thank you.