Thank You West Ohio For Your Continued Support of Light the Way

In 2017, Bishop Palmer launched West Ohio’s Light the Way Campaign to invest significant resources in supporting leaders who have a vision for a new faith community to bring more people and more communities into the light and life of Jesus Christ.

The Campaign goals were to raise $5M and to establish a minimum of 12 new faith communities over five years.

As of June 2022, in combining all forms of giving, the Light the Way Campaign exceeded its financial goal by $2M and number for new faith communities by six! Most importantly, transformation is happening. 

We are grateful for West Ohio’s generosity and commitment to start new faith communities in diverse contexts across the conference, to make new disciples. A special thanks also to the Light the Way team. 

Although the Light the Way campaign is complete, the movement to reach new people for Christ through innovative new faith communities is just getting started. 

As a result of the Light the Way Campaign, in 2019 West Ohio’s Extended Cabinet voted to allocate 50% of all closed funds to start new faith communities. Of the 50%, $500,000 has already been used to setup an endowment to support new faith communities in the future. 

If you or someone you know has an interest in starting a new faith community, contact Brad Aycock at bradaycock [at]

Click here to give to Light the Way