Shungu Clinic Celebrates 50 Years of Service

Fifty years ago, Shungu Clinic was opened in Kamina, DR Congo. Thousands of babies took their first breath at Shungu. Surgeries and medical care have saved the lives of countless loved ones. And many have been trained to be community health workers, bringing live saving knowledge and practices into remote villages. All of this has happened in a clinic without running water or electricity.

In 2018, North Katanga received a $500,000 grant from Global Ministries to renovate and expand Shungu Clinic and to complete the Lupandilo Hospital, which began construction in the 1980's. After 50 years, Shungu Clinic now has running water and electricity-things we take for granted when we walk into any health care facility. And yet, for the doctors in Kamina, running water was a dream. What was once unimaginable is now a reality because of the gift of the United Methodist connection. When the clinic was dedicated hundreds of people from across Kamina came to celebrate the miracle of expanded access to medical and maternity care.

Over the years, West Ohio has partnered with Shungu and their doctors. Funds have been raised and sent to purchase needed equipment and supplies. The simple gift of an ultrasound has eliminated the need for exploratory surgeries and provided better health outcomes for pregnant women. Through OhioHealth, a doctor received additional education in treating and preventing communicable diseases and administration. Working together, lives have literally been saved. Thank you for loving your neighbor.

You can support North Katanga in their ministry of extending health and life by supporting their Health Care Ministry. Simply send your check to West Ohio designating it for "North Katanga Medical Care." If you want to learn more about our partnership with North Katanga, contact Dee Stickley-Miner at dstickley [at]; 614-844-6200.