Shaw Featured on UFC Podcast Thursday, June 30

In the upcoming episode of The Unfinished Church Podcast, you will hear from Fred Shaw, a Shawnee descendant storyteller who chairs the United Methodist Native American Comprehensive Plan.

In the episode titled Seeking Relationships, Shaw shares insights about embracing the gifts and perspectives of indigenous people and building transformative relationships.

Other future episodes are:

July 14 - Episode 5 Listening for Understanding with Brian McLaren

July 28 - Episode 6 Growing in Cultural Humility with Willie Jennings

Hosted by United Methodist Bishops LaTrelle Easterling, Michael McKee, and West Ohio's Gregory Palmer, The Unfinished Church Podcast is a place for discussion, learning and transformation. Join us as we move from conversation to action.

Listen to a panel discussion on the Doctrine of Discovery

Listen to episode, "Seeking Relationships"