Sedgewick: West Ohio's worker's compensation administrator

The West Ohio Conference administrator of Bureau of Worker's Compensation (BWC) and Insurance has changed its name to Sedgewick; there are no other changes. Do not to respond to solicitation from other worker's compensation group plans or managed care organizations. Any questions, please contact Kathy Redmond at Kathy.redmond [at]

Received a 1099 from BWC?

If your church received a check from BWC and provided the BWC with an IRS Form W9, you may receive a 1099 from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. Because you don’t file a tax return (e.g., a Form 990), there is nothing for you do with the 1099. If your church or organization is its own 501(c)3 and does file an annual tax return, follow the reporting instructions on whether and where to report the information on the 1099.