'Safe Sanctuaries' Training Now Available in Every District

Safe Sanctuaries policies prepare your congregation and its ministries to provide safety and care to children, youth, and vulnerable adults, as well as to those who serve them. In 2014, the West Ohio Annual Conference adopted a recommendation stating that every church would have a Safe Sanctuaries policy...

  • Does your church have a policy? 
  • When was it last updated? 
  • Do you follow the policy?
  • Can your church be doing more?
We know that many churches need help creating and living into a Safe Sanctuaries policy, so we've expanded our team to provide that needed help! Every district now has Safe Sanctuaries Trainers who can walk alongside your congregation in developing, refining, and acting on a Safe Sanctuaries policy! For more information or to get connected with a trainer, contact Rebecca Hug, Special Ministries Engagement Coordinator, at rhug [at] or 740-689-7645.