In retirement, clergy spouse lives out God’s call

At least once a month, Kathy Moore preaches the gospel on Sunday, leads a workshop or serves as liturgist for a worship service. This certified lay minister is responding to God’s call in her retirement.

For over 40 years, clergy spouse Kathy served beside her husband Roland in the East and West Ohio annual conferences. Moore says, “No other role compares to the role of clergy spouse.”

Moore is thankful for the many clergy spouses who have supported her, in good and bad times, over the years. “You need the fellowship of someone who understands without having to know all the details,” she explains.

Moore reminds spouses they are not on the journey alone. She shares words of assurance passed on to her. One person told her, “When God called your spouse, God knew who would be with him/her. You are here by divine intervention.” Moore says she will never forget those words of wisdom.

A native of Mississippi, Moore actively served the church as a laywoman while raising a family and working full time. When her husband retired, she made herself available to God and wondered what was next. She prayed and waited. Soon, requests for her leadership in small groups, United Methodist Women and district committees started coming in.

Today as a certified lay minister, Moore believes God set aside this season in her life to serve. “One of the gifts God has given me is the ability to listen and speak peace and assurance to others,” she says. “I know this is what God has gifted me to do: Comfort his people so they can experience his grace and mercy.”

For those struggling with God’s call on their lives, Moore advises, “Talk to a person you trust about spiritual matters and have them pray with and for you. Ask for God’s leading.” Moore also recommends talking with a pastor and attending the West Ohio Laity Discernment Retreat. “This is not about becoming a preacher,” she says. “It is about hearing the call of God clearly.”

Written by Amy Graham, Communications Specialist