Registration Open for Clergy Session

The West Ohio Conference will host the Annual Clergy Session virtually on May 19, 2021.

All Clergy members of the Annual Conference and Laity on the Board of Ordained Ministry are invited to participate.

The objectives of the Clergy Session include caring for those who will have new credentials for Commissioning and Ordination and those who have changed status in the past year, such as retirees.

Clergy Session is an important aspect of holy conferencing that reminds us that we are in this work together, accountable to and in collegial relationships with our fellow clergy throughout West Ohio and throughout the United Methodist connection. 

Registration is open until May 12 for Clergy Session. All registered will receive the agenda, Zoom link, and Voter ID by May 17. In order to ensure that you receive all related information, please register by the May 12th, 5pm deadline.