Quality Over Quantity at VBS

At Hilliard United Methodist Church in the Capital Area North District, the children of the community were excited for the return of vacation bible school.

This program combined scripture lessons from Cokesbury’s Rocky Railway curriculum and a creative dramatic teaching of Aaron and the Tabernacle from the Old Testament.

Added to Hilliard’s vacation bible school this summer was VBS Plus, an outreach component for the older students to give back to the community. Activities included picking up trash around the church and in the neighborhood and volunteering at the Church and Community for All People’s free store.

A time for meditation was included during the week. This was time set apart for students to be still, invite silence to clear the mind and to pray.

Although the attendance was down from pre-pandemic VBS, Nikki Buskirk, Director of Middle School Ministries was pleased with the week. She said, “The quality, not quantity of VBS was great. I had a chance to talk with all the students, even the preschoolers to see how they were doing. There were also more in-depth conversations during VBS Plus.”

To see pictures from Hilliard’s vacation bible school, click here.