Praying for the Ministries, Mission Projects, and Missionaries of The United Methodist Church

Each month, The West Ohio Conference joins together in praying for the ministries, mission projects, and missionaries of The United Methodist Church. In January, we pray for the people of Mexico and the ministries of health and wholeness supported by volunteers from West Ohio.

For over 20 years, West Ohio has been sending medical teams to Mexico. Each year, six different teams partner with Manos Juntas, a licensed Methodist healthcare ministry. The clinic is mobile, with each team serving patients in 2-3 different locations. One of those locations is a migrant camp where people who have been deported and those hoping to enter the U.S. stay. Our teams bring not only physical healing but also healing of the soul and spirit. In addition, a children’s home called Casa de la Esperanza (House of Hope) opened in 2018 to care for children ages 6-12 who are without parental care due to abandonment or mistreatment. At House of Hope, they receive schooling, counseling and medical care, along with spiritual formation. To learn more about how you can pray and support these ministries, click here.