Ordination Song Inspires Those Called to Ministry

An original piece of music composed to celebrate the West Ohio ordination class of 2021 has caught the attention of some other musicians who have requested the music.

“We are pleased that others have shown interest in using this special music in their ministry settings,” said Rev. Donnetta Peaks, Office of Ministry Director. “When we first came up with the idea to create an original piece and it started coming together, we thought we should share it with others.”

As Peaks was contemplating and planning the 2021 Ordination and Commissioning Service, she wanted an original piece for The United Methodist Church, something that was fresh and spoke to the current situations people were experiencing especially those called to ministry. That is when she contacted Dr. Merlyn Ruffin, a gifted musician Peaks had known for many years and who was the music director at a church where Rev. Peaks had served. Although Merlyn was not a composer, she was quick to recommend her husband, Dr. Milton Ruffin an accomplished composer and musician. Ruffin also serves as Adjunct Faculty at Ohio State and is the Principal/Director of Fort Hayes High School.

That conversation led to a think tank involving several other musicians. Their first listening session gave everyone a chance to meet and discuss their relationship with the church, their musical experience, and musical influences. The group also discussed their opinions on responding to a call to ministry as lay and clergy. Finally, they shared their hopes and expectations for the song.

It wasn’t long before Dr. Ruffin composed the song and wrote the lyrics. The next step was to bring the entire group together. The singers included: Dr. Merlyn Ruffin, Karri Rose Baker, Johnetta Moore, Rev. Rachel Miller, Rev. Justin Williams, Rev. Don Wilson, and Rev. Donnetta Peaks. Other participants included Danny Drummond and Rev. April Casperson.

The music is now available for purchase which includes sheet music, chord chart, accompaniment track and music video. All proceeds from the sales will go to Clergy Leadership Development .

Written by Kay Panovec, Director of Communications

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