Ohio Land to be Returned to Wyandotte Nation

The global mission agency of The United Methodist Church will return to the Wyandotte Native American Nation a small tract of land in Ohio. The tribe deeded the land to the church 175 years ago to protect its sanctity when the federal government forced them off their last reservation in the state. Once returned, likely next fall, the plot at Upper Sandusky will be the first land in Ohio owned by the Wyandotte since they were driven out in 1844 by the federal government. The approximately one-and-a-half-acre tract is "holy ground" to both the Wyandotte and United Methodists. It incorporates Wyandotte ancestral graves and the grave of John Stewart, whose ministry among the Wyandotte figures in the founding 200 years ago of the first American Methodist missionary society, a forerunner of Global Ministries. Read More