New Opportunities at the Building Bridges Community Experience

Join your neighbors in Building Bridges of Opportunity at this year’s Community Experience on October 14-16. The Building Bridges Community Experience creates an online community for and with people who are touching the criminal justice system. It offers UM members and congregations opportunities to connect with the right people to help create a continuum of care and compassion in our communities.

New at this year’s Community Experience:

  • Targeted track sessions with community members and reentry practitioners on emerging opportunities in the post-pandemic reentry.
  • Lunch & Learns with local reentry coalition leaders.
  • A dedicated time to engage with statewide reentry resources that makes every effort more effective.
  • Everybody In Intensives on Saturday for a deeper dive into a specific area of reentry.

The Community Experience is a free online event where we will be making our love for our neighbors known through restorative justice. Your church can start its journey toward becoming a mission station for justice-involved neighbors or discover how to get to the next level of ministry during the Community Experience, October 14-16.

Registration closes on October 8! Register today!

Click here for registration