New AIC Series Focuses on Doing Justice

Starting February 3, All In Community is offering a four-part series on what it means to be people of justice. This “Doing Justice” series will provide tools, tips, and guidance on doing justice in our daily lives. What we say, how we participate as community members, the ways we serve, and how we help each other grow in the likeness of Christ, all provide opportunities for us to do justice. This series isn’t about joining a movement for racial, restorative, social, economic or environmental justice. It is about us moving in this world as people who reflect our belief that God yearns for all of creation to dwell together in beloved community.

Free Sessions are as follows:


February 3 - Doing Justice Through Our Words (Click here to register)

April 7 - Doing Justice Through Our Systems and Structures (Click here to register)

July 7 - Doing Justice Through Our Service (Click here to register)

September 1 - Doing Justice Through Our Discipleship (Click here to register)


For more information, email rebakco [at]