More than Just an Airplane

“If I take the Wings of the Morning and settle at the farthest limits of the sea, even there your hand shall lead me, and your right hand shall hold me fast.”
- Psalm 139:9-10

Wings of the Morning is more than just an airplane. It saves lives. It saves souls. The North Katanga Conference, where this critical aviation ministry is located, is a geographically remote area of the Congo that is the size of Texas.  In a place where there are no paved roads, the main forms of transportation are walking and riding a bicycle.

It is within this context that we find one of the three largest conferences in the United Methodist Church with over 1.3 million members and attendees.  They have experienced a 3000% increase in growth over the past 20 years!  How is this possible? Everything the North Katanga Conference does is rooted in evangelism. Wings of the Morning is more than just an airplane.

Wings of the Morning carries the love of Jesus Christ by:
…bringing Bibles to villages accessible only by air;
…transporting clergy and their families to villages where new congregations will be started;
...bringing life saving medications for malaria, cholera, and other diseases into villages far and near;
…delivering malaria nets that save lives; and,
...bringing critically ill people to hospitals where they can receive the care needed to save their lives.

When villagers hear the plane approaching, they run to the airstrip, knowing that the gift of life is being delivered, whether through medication, pastors, malaria nets, Bibles, or food. The United Methodist Church has built church-centered communities that care for the mind, body and soul through new churches and pastors, employment enterprises, agriculture, health care, education, orphanages, access to clean water and other ministries. It is Wings of the Morning that makes all of this possible. Because the United Methodist Church is often the only provider of these services, people across the DRC know that the United Methodist Church cares about them!

The North Katanga Conference is located in a remote and rural area of the Congo…a place where it takes weeks or even months to walk from one place to the next. Wings of the Morning is more than just an airplane; it is an instrument of Christ’s resurrection hope!

You can support the evangelistic ministry of the North Katanga Conference by supporting Wings of the Morning. For more information, contact Dee Stickley-Miner at dstickley [at], 614-844-6200.