Miracles Abound through North Katanga Partnership

Vibrant. Resilient. Joy-filled. A place where miracles abound. These are just some of the images that define the people and church of the North Katanga Conference, in the DR Congo. A church that feeds souls through the Word - and bodies through agriculture, wells and fish farms - thrives because it hasn't separated personal piety and social holiness. Orphans discover their God-given beauty because the church chose to care for them. The singing, dancing and fervent prayers of worship invite heaven to earth where resilience to endure daily hardships is strengthened. Throughout all of this, the imprint of the United Methodist Connection and the West Ohio partnership are visible and clear. Below are just some of the impacts of our intentional partnership, generosity, faith and love - and how you can participate.

  1. Wings of the Morning continues to save lives and extend ministry deeper into the bush. We remember and celebrate how West Ohio, North Katanga and other United Methodist partners bought an airplane. It was a miracle of extravagant generosity with a huge imprint across North Katanga. In just 2018, Gaston was able to provide lifesaving flights to 167 people. West Ohio's generosity did not stop with the purchase of an airplane. We continue to support Wings of the Morning through The Advance, with over $134,000 given in 2018. Our apportionments help pay the salaries of Jeanne and Gaston Ntambo, United Methodist missionaries. Because of your giving through apportionments and The Advance, lives continue to be saved and the Gospel extended to new places. Your continued support makes resurrection hope real. Give Now   

  2. The Kamina Children's Home provides a place where orphans not only survive, but thrive, because United Methodists provide love, encouragement, faith formation, education, accountability and a sense of family. The youth name you - the people of West Ohio - and the people of North Katanga as their parents. We have provided consistent care and support as infants grew to be teens and young adults. Now, we will continue to provide consistent care and support as they transition into adulthood. Throughout the Bible, God implores us to care for orphans. Because of your generosity and love, 22 young people in Kamina have shed the stigma of "orphan" and are now living into the belovedness proclaimed at their baptism. A young adult missionary currently provides leadership with the youth. Landry Seki, from Cote d'Ivorie, is a PhD student who has 


    Dee and Landry

    taken a two-year break from his studies to serve as a missionary among these incredible young people (another example of your apportionments at work). He has seen the value of your love for your children in Kamina. Do you want to meet your children? Go to this webpage where you can see each young person and learn their names. On this page, you can also provide a financial gift to care for the youth. Are you a part of a small group? Order a set of prayer cards so that you can pray for each youth by name and remember their face.

  3. Health and Wellness is a priority in North Katanga, just as it is in West Ohio, and 2019 has been a year of miracles! Through a $500,000 grant from Global Ministries, Shungu Clinic and Lupandillo Hospital have been renovated and expanded to meet the health care needs of the people. Opened in 1969, Shungu Clinic has helped to birth thousands of babies and cared for thousands of patients. It wasn't until 2019, however, that Shungu had access to electricity and running water. Imagine the lives that will be saved! West Ohio has partnered with Shungu for several years, building the capacity of their doctors and nurses. Imagine tears being transformed into songs of joy, because death is held at bay. You can continue to support the health ministries by going to our webpage here.

Even more miracles of our United Methodist Connection could be shared through agriculture, education, empowerment of women and girls, and so many more realities. The church in North Katanga is vibrant and full of God's Spirit. West Ohio is richer in faith and life because of our partnership.

How can you connect?

  1. Prayer

  2. Hosting our partners when they come to West Ohio

  3. Participate on a mission team to North Katanga

  4. Be a generous financial supporter of God's mission in North Katanga

Want to learn more? Contact Dee Stickley-Miner at dstickley [at] wocumc.org. You can experience firsthand the miracles that happen because of The United Methodist Church in North Katanga and our partnership with them.
-Rev. Deanna Stickley-Miner, Director of Connectional Ministries, West Ohio Conference