A Litany of Blessing for the Newly Renovated Conference Center
On Friday, December 7, The West Ohio Conference Center was blessed and re-dedicated by Bishop Gregory V. Palmer following an extensive renovation. During that time, the following Litany of Blessing was read.
In the beginning,
           before time existed,
   God's Spirit hovered over this place,
                             leaving holy and sacred imprints of grace---
                             Anticipating --
                                                the transforming miracles that would flow...
On this land--
                     An orphanage
                                provided hope,
                                                the gift of family,
                                                                and opportunities for children to
                                                                                                be loved and to love---
                                                                                                             deepening the imprint of God's grace,
                                                                                saturating the 144 acres of land with abundant
blessings of hope.
   On this land in 1994-
           A groundbreaking ceremony took place
                                that would give rise to this building--
                a building, they prayed,
                       "that will reflect the spirit of this community in its concern for the quality of life of every person...a building...which reflects the wide range of ministry within the local church and our mission to the global community."
                                The foundation of this building
                                                was laid upon land,
                                                                dripping with grace,
                                                                                pregnant with seeds
                                                                                           from which miracles would arise.
Residents of the Children's Home
                were baptized in the baptismal font.
                                                Countless lives have been forever changed
                                                                because of the ministry and the leaders who have
                                                     come into this place
                                                                                to pray
                                                                                                     and follow God's Spirit
                                                                                                                                out into our communities sharing
                                                                                                      the life altering love of Jesus.
And now,
     we gather to bless anew this space...
                         redesigned to help us better serve a changing world--
                                                 A world that still cries out
                                                                     for the realized miracles of God's redemptive and healing love
                                                                                                ushered into this world through Jesus' birth.
Our prayers of blessing join
       the prayers that have deeply blessed this place
                                                       for generations.
                             Our prayers of hope
                                           join the prayers of hope that have transformed countless lives
                                                                                          since God's Spirit hovered over this land eons ago.
                 As we pray our prayers of blessing
                                                for this space,
                                                                may we also recommit ourselves to be agents
of God's redemptive love so that all may know
               and claim
the power of faith in Jesus Christ.
Written by Dee Stickley-Miner
December 7, 2018