Laity Sunday is October 17

Each year, the United Methodist Church celebrates the ministry and witness of laypersons everywhere through a special service.

Laity Sunday is a special Sunday defined by General Conference to "celebrate the ministry of all Christians" (2016 Book of Discipline ¶ 264.2). Traditionally observed on the third Sunday in October, Laity Sunday is one way we express the deep conviction that all are called to participate in God’s mission and live this calling through the ministry of the church.

As we, both clergy and laity, welcome and offer the good news of Jesus to all, we commit to grow in love and respond to a world that needs God’s life-mending, justice-creating grace.

Discipleship Ministries has a variety of resources available to help churches celebrate Laity Sunday this year. Resources include a special prayer, Holy Communion liturgy, a litany for worship and information about the history of the service.

Click here for Laity Sunday Resources