Just Resolution Reached in Heckman Complaint

A Just Resolution in the judicial complaint against Rev. Donald “Bud” Heckman has been reached. Effective December 23, 2019, Heckman was “retired under complaint.”  He is no longer under appointment nor allowed to conduct sacerdotal functions and will perform no ministerial activities in the name of The United Methodist Church.  As a result of the Just Resolution, there will be no church trial.

During this process, Heckman acknowledged his regret in not being faithful to the ministerial covenant in the following ways: immorality including but not limited to not being celibate in singleness and faithful in heterosexual marriage, harassment, and sexual misconduct. He acknowledged any harm this has caused others.

“This has been an arduous process, a burden, especially for the complainants.  I deeply regret the harm that has been caused to any person due to an act of sexual misconduct by a pastor. There is no excuse,” said Bishop Gregory V. Palmer. “It is my fervent prayer that all who have been impacted by this matter may continue to heal.”