It’s time to apply for Paycheck Protection Plan (PPP) loan forgiveness

Most Small Business Administration (SBA) lenders and participants are now opening up their on-line portals for PPP borrowers to apply for loan forgiveness. Conference CFO, Bill Brownson, has this guidance for your church.  First, be in touch with your lender and follow their guidance; they’re the key to everything. Second, submit qualified expenses in excess of your loan amount, if possible. The lender may disqualify some expenses and if they do, you’ll want enough other expenses to maximize the amount of your loan that’s forgiven. Remember, there’s no guarantee all of your loan will be approved for forgiveness. Third, be patient. Millions of borrowers will be applying for forgiveness and the processing won’t happen overnight. It may take weeks to learn how much of your loan is forgiven. Until then, the funds you received remain a loan.