Help OhioHealth Support our Healthcare Workers

Dear Faith Community Partners,

As we go through another surge of COVID cases, we know that you have seen coverage in the media about stress on healthcare workers. OhioHealth is providing many resources to help with the resiliency of our staff. But this is hard. And we are also asking faith communities for encouragement. We know that you are holding healthcare workers in your thoughts and prayers. And we are wondering if you’d like to provide some other concrete signs of support. So we are asking faith communities to write notes of encouragement for staff. Here are some tips:

  • These notes are just for encouragement—we just want a lot of good positive energy for staff
  • They can be very short; even just a kind word helps
  • If you like, the note can be specific about what you appreciate—(“thanks for sacrificing for us”; “thanks for your kindness”; “wishing you patience”)…. Any of these is great!
  • Notes can be from any age group… from children to elders, all support is appreciated! Crayons, stickers, etc. are welcome!
  • The most efficient way to send them is for faith communities to gather them and then send them in a package to the Pastoral Care Department

Before and/or after their shift staff can pick up a card to feel nurtured and cared for as they care for patients.

Having the support of the community is priceless for us. Another great show of support for healthcare workers is to continue to follow CDC guidelines to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, and being selective about who you spend time with are essential in dealing with this pandemic. The BEST way for you to show your support is to help our hospitals by reducing the numbers of patients we are caring for. We do that by stopping the spread. Sending these cards is a lovely addition to that essential work.

To send cards to OhioHealth care sites, simply address the package to the Hospital/Hospice address near your faith community. Be sure to include “c/o Pastoral Care Department.” Then our chaplains will assure that the cards get to staff members who are working on the front lines.

We anticipate that this surge will last some time, so any notes at any time would be a blessing. As always, blessings to you as we all work together to make it through this difficult time.

Rev. Kristin Langstraat
OhioHealth System Director for Faith Community Relations