Groundbreaking Chaplain for Africa University

With just seven months in the role of University Chaplain, Rev. Maudy Muchanyereyi says that the assignment still feels like an adventure.

Muchanyereyi, who earned a Bachelor of Divinity degree from Africa University in 2005, returned to her alma mater to serve as chaplain in January 2019. She is the first female chaplain in the institution’s 27-year history.  

“Working with the young people and helping to shape them through (spiritual) guidance, counseling, and mentoring is so enriching in my personal Christian journey,” said Muchanyereyi.

She is the seventh child in a family of eight. Born and reared in a rural setting in the Marange district—about 90 minutes’ drive south of the Africa University campus at Old Mutare—Muchanyereyi was sent to Zimbabwe’s second largest city, Bulawayo, to finish primary school and attend high school.

Muchanyereyi recalls that as a teenager in high school in the mid-1990s, she was haunted by a dream in which people were enlisting in the army in preparation for war. In the dream, she joined the queue to enlist but instead of being handed a gun as others were, she was given a bible and told that she would fight her battles with it. However, it took years of counseling and mentoring before she accepted God’s calling in 2000. Read More...