Fellows Program to begin July 2022

The Alford - Cantlin Fellows Program is set to begin with six West Ohio clergy participating in the cohort.

Created through a partnership between West Ohio and MTSO, this program is designed to increase effectiveness of West Ohio clergy who are seeking next-level leadership opportunities and academic training focused on transformational change. 

Named after its donors, the Alford-Cantlin Fellows program supports West Ohio Clergy seeking a doctorate of ministry at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio (MTSO). Support from the program comes from the Alford Fund of the UMWFO. 

Eligible clergy must be ordained and serving appointments in the West Ohio Conference, have completed the REF process and who meet the criteria for admission to the MTSO Doctorate of Ministry (DMin) program.

Length of the program is up to four academic years or eight terms. To maintain scholarship eligibility, program participants must participate in regularly scheduled programming developed for the cohort, including personal mentoring by both a clergy and lay mentor. They must also agree to the terms of a covenant agreement and continue to uphold it.

2022 Cohort Participants:

Rev. Karen Cook – current Regional Missional Specialist; anticipated graduation: 2025

Rev. Leo Cunningham – pastor at Glenwood UMC; anticipated graduation: 2025

Rev. Jeremiah Diegel – pastor at Christ UMC (Oregon); anticipated graduation: 2028

Rev. David Hoffman – senior pastor at Stonybrook UMC; anticipated graduation: 2028

Rev. Jawwad Love – pastor at Covenant UMC; anticipiated graduation: 2025

Rev. Eva Marie Wolfe – as of July 1, pastor at New Zion UMC; anticipated graduation: 2028