Do you feel God calling you to serve your neighbors?

Are you looking for a mission team to join in 2020? Several teams are forming now and have room for you.

  1. New Jersey Construction Team - Hurricane Sandy devasted New Jersey in 2012. Families are still recovering. David Tharp is leading a construction team March 22-April 4, 2020. Serve for one week, or both weeks. The choice is yours to make! To learn more, click here, or contact David Tharp at dtharp681 [at]

  2. SOWER Henderson Settlement Teams - West Ohio teams build a house from the foundation up each year through Henderson Settlement. Choose one or more of the six weeks from May-August, 2020. Because each week focuses on different aspects of building a house, you can find a week that fits your skill level. To learn more, click here, or contact Ralph or Carolyn Brandon at sowervimproject [at]

  3. Mexico Medical and Construction Teams - Each year, West Ohio sends six medical teams to Mexico where they work with Manos Juntas, a licensed Methodist health organization. Some of these teams also organize a construction opportunity. To learn more, click here, contact Chad Stoltz, Medical VIM Coordinator at cstoltz1984 [at]

If you are organizing a mission experience that is open to others, please send your information to dstickley [at] (Dee Stickley-Miner) and we will share your mission with others. You are invited to follow the Holy Spirit into the world where you will experience the power of Christ’s love through neighbors near and far.