Discussion on Racial Reconciliation is February 10

The Ohio Council of Churches is part of the initiative "Breaking the Chains of Slavery and Racial Bias," including an effort to involve churches in a discussion of the book and documentary titled, African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross (video can be obtained through Amazon). OCC's participation in this effort is linked to its anti-racism priority and connection with the ACT NOW to End Racism effort of the National Council of Churches. Toward that end, a discussion on Racial Reconciliation will be held on February 10, 2019, 3:30-5:30 pm at The Ohio State University Saxbe Auditorium, 55 W 12 Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210. The facilitator for this discussion will be OSU Law Professor Emeritus Vincene Verdun-Cox, an African American activist and involved member of our community who has served on many committees and movements that impacted the presence and rights of historically oppressed groups. 

For additional information, contact Cheryl D. Cattledge at 614-580-1064 or Dr. William Wayson at 614-873-3317.