Disaster Response Opportunities Abound

With the number of natural disasters occurring across the United States in the past few years, opportunities abound for recovery efforts. Here are several examples:

Hurricane Ida – open only to ERT-led teams during this initial phase. Early Response Teams, Register here.

Detroit flood relief – the city has been hit by multiple floods in the past few years. Basements in more than 2,000 homes need muck-outs. Teams may Register here.

Southern Ohio Ice Storm – debris and fallen trees are still in need of cleanup. Call Gary Stabler at 740-384-3328 to volunteer.

Hurricanes Laura/Delta/Zeta – long-term recovery efforts have begun after last year’s hurricanes. Teams may Register here.

California wildfires – fires continue to rage across the state even as recovery efforts are underway. Teams may Register here.

For more information on disaster response, including ways to give financially, visit West Ohio's Disaster Reponse Webpage.