Disaster Response to flooding in Marion, Ohio

On Labor Day, Marion received 5 inches of rain in the span of 14 hours. Over 100 homes were damaged, many with basement flooding. As a result, a number of homes are in need of replacement furnaces, water heaters, washers, and dryers, as well as flooring and drywall repairs. Mike Fogle, District Disaster Coordinator for Capitol Area North, and Deb Berry, Case Manager, have connected with many homeowners to provide support and assistance. Volunteers from West Ohio have helped to muck-out several basements. When repairs are possible, Mike has been providing guidance on what parts to purchase and then repairing appliances for free. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, furnace delivery can take up to six weeks - a real concern with cold weather approaching.

The Marion Long-Term Recovery Group has been soliciting donations from local businesses and non-profits to help pay for replacement appliances for uninsured homeowners. West Ohio is providing $10,000 in funds to purchase furnaces and water heaters. Continue to pray for all those affected by the Marion flooding. Donations can be given online to West Ohio Disaster Response here.

Across the U.S., disasters have struck in many parts of the country, sometimes within days or weeks of another. Emergency Response volunteers (ERT) are still needed in the aftermath of Hurricane Sally and Hurricane Laura in Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida. UMCOR has granted solidarity grants to annual conferences involved in the relief process for these hurricanes, as well as for the wildfires in California, Oregon and Idaho. Donations to U.S. Disaster Response can be given here. Please pray for all those involved in disasters in the U.S. and around the world.