Delegate Election Reminders for Annual Conference

As we gather for the 50th session of the West Ohio Annual Conference, the Conference's Election Team co-chairs, Cyndy Garn and Bruce Boyd, would like to remind voting members of a few important items:

  • All persons, created in God's image, are of inestimable worth.
  • Unity is one of God's gifts to the Church.
  • Every election should be a corporate discernment process.
  • Elections should reflect the rich diversity of our conference.
  • Elections should include theological discourse.
  • Elections should be marked by fairness and our care for one another.
  • Nominations from the floor will be taken at the beginning session of Annual Conference.
  • Write-in votes will not be possible.
  • We should elect leaders from throughout our conference who will effectively and faithfully serve the mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.
  • We will elect 7 clergy and 7 lay delegates to General Conference; 14 additional delegates (7 clergy, 7 lay) will be elected to the Jurisdictional Conference. The election team is proposing we elect 4 clergy and 4 lay alternate delegates. Each person elected must have a majority vote.
  • Elections will be done by electronic voting
  • Elections will be held on Tuesday, June 4.

The West Ohio Conference is blessed with rich diversity, including a variety of theological interpretations. We elect delegates who will share the blessings of urban, suburban and rural roots; the traditions of lakes, plains and Appalachian hill country; a beautiful tapestry of ethnic church experiences; both female and male perspectives; the energy of youth, the inquiry of young adults, the commitment of adults and the wisdom of age.

In our diversity, there is unity: we are one people, especially in the prayers surrounding this elective process.