Credit Union Offers Financial Education - It's Yours for the Asking

Providing quality financial education opportunities for your church just makes good sense. Today, many people are struggling with making ends meet. Many Americans live pay check to pay check and have little, if any, money saved to meet even the smallest financial emergency. Perhaps you have been in a similar situation. If so, you know how financial stress can impact a person.

CNBC reports, 30% of Americans are constantly stress about money. Financial stress can adversely affect a person's health, and it is one of the leading causes of divorce.

United Methodist Financial Credit Union is committed to improving the financial health of United Methodists throughout Ohio and Indiana. Our hope is to provide educational opportunities, so people can learn to use debt wisely, live more generously, and to become more financially secure.

We would like to help you relieve some of the financial stress that may be taking place in your congregation by offering you the opportunity to allow us to come to your church and to put on a 2-3-hour seminar on any one of the three topics listed below.

  • Debt Management — How to Manage Debt So It Doesn't Manage You Learn about the different types of debt, warning signs that you have too much debt, and advice for staying out of debt.
  • Build a Basic Budget — The Five-Step Spending Plan
    Learn how to create a spending plan, set realistic goals, and manage spending.
  • Understanding Credit — Can You Afford It and How Will You Pay? Learn about the different types of credit, how to build a good credit history, and the difference between your credit report and credit score.

The seminars are free! Church members will not be asked to purchase anything and it is not a credit union commercial. It's truly an educational event. Why not take advantage of this meaningful opportunity to help those in your congregation live with less financial stress in their life?

If you are interested in learning more or scheduling a seminar for your church please give us a call or send us an email. We would love to talk with you. In Indiana, please contact Jason Fishburn at 317-677-2191, jfishburn [at] In Ohio, please contact Rachel Miller, 614-551-1365, rmiller [at]