Conference Lay Speaker Says 'Expect with Confidence'

On the Wednesday morning of Annual Conference, Mitchell Harper, Conference Lay Leader, gave the laity address. Speaking on the Conference theme, “Be Not Afraid – Hope,” Mitchell expounded on the kind of hope we should have as Christians.

“We Christians have a different kind of hope,” Mitchell remarked. “Instead of a ‘fingers crossed’ type of hope, we have a ‘confident expectation’ type of hope. … Amidst all the uncertainty, there are still plenty of things we can expect with confidence.”

First, Mitchell said, we can hope in God, in Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Spirit. And we should be intentional about sharing this message, because the world is full of people looking for answers to their questions.

Second, we can live into hope because we know our purpose – to do the good works God has called us to. Third, we can keep hope because we know we are not judged by our good works alone, and when we miss the mark, we know we are saved by God’s grace.

“So, brothers and sisters, just remember, we love our denomination, we love our conference, we love our bishop, we love our church, we love our pastors, and we love the people we are in ministry with,” Mitchell said. “But our hope is in NONE of those things. At the end of the day, our hope is in God.”