Collins Featured Teacher at Upcoming Annual Conference

Reba Collins will lead the West Ohio Conference members in a training session on Thursday,

June 1. The theme is “It Only Takes Two to Create Community.” The interactive training will help attendees gain a greater understanding for the need of connection in our churches and communities.

For over six years, Collins has been involved in All In Community (AIC) as a consultant and currently serves as the AIC Community Engagement Coordinator. All In Community, a ministry of the West Ohio Conference, focuses on healing lives and restoring hope to those impacted by the criminal justice system.

A certified trainer in multiple disciplines including Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), as AIC Community Engagement Coordinator, her role focuses on creating partnerships between United Methodist leaders and volunteers and local justice professionals to create a greater impact in ministry.

Collins hopes, by the end of the teaching session, “People will develop a better understanding of what drives human connection and experience a deeper connection with each other and the community.”

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Written by Amy Graham, Communications Specialist