Clergy Wellness Resources Available

As the first month of the new year ends, are you feeling good about your resolutions, financial goals and healthy lifestyle choices? What would your life look like if you were emotionally healthy? How would your life be different if your debt was gone? How much energy would you have if you were at your ideal weight? What would your ministry accomplish if you were on fire for God?

The Clergy Wellness Task Force along with the West Ohio Conference Benefits Office and Communications Team joined together to create tools and resources to support you in your life journey toward wellness. These resources, found on the West Ohio Conference website, speak to the four key wellness areas in our lives: Emotional, Financial, Physical and Spiritual.

To access these tools and resources, go to our website at On the RED banner, click "Resources" and select "Wellness." This page will reflect the four areas of health for you to explore. For example, the Clergy Retirement Security Program is a financial resource so you would select "Financial Wellness" and find the corresponding icon. If you are looking for spiritual help, our partners in ministry at Ohio Health have created videos that can be found under "Spiritual Wellness." Did you miss the open enrollment health insurance meetings? You can still review the presentation by going to "Physical Wellness", selecting "Medical" and scrolling down. Searching for some ideas on how to practice emotional first aid? Select "Emotional Wellness" to view a TED talk from Guy Winch.

We believe these resources will be helpful to you. Should you need assistance, please contact the West Ohio Conference at 614-844- 6200. With the new year upon us, what better time to see yourself anew.