Circles of Grace Events on Human Sexuality

Click here to download a copy of the video for showing in your worship service. 

We are not of one mind when discussing human sexuality and The United Methodist Church. Specifically, the issues of ordination and human sexuality have proven to be particularly divisive.

This September, all clergy and laity of the West Ohio Conference are invited to participate in a respectful, grace-filled conversation called Circles of Grace around these issues. We pray these conversations are the beginning of a way forward as we strive to minister together in unity rather than division.

Please prayerfully consider being a part of these intentional opportunities for dialogue. Any learnings from this Circles of Grace process will become a resource to the Annual Conference’s life, including the 2016 General and Jurisdictional Conference Delegates as well as the Extended Cabinet and the Board of Ordained Ministry. 

Circles of Grace conversations will be held at the following locations, beginning promptly at 7pm and lasting two hours:

(Click location for details and to register. Registration is requested but not required.)

Circles of Grace Task Force Members:

  • Rev. Dr. Brian Law, Chair, Pastor, Cornerstone United Methodist Church, West Chester (Ohio River Valley)
  • Rev. Aaron Brown, Pastor, First United Methodist Church, Marysville, (Capitol Area North)
  • Rev. Brian Brown, Superintendent, (Ohio River Valley District)
  • Rev. Amy Haines, Assistant to the Superintendent, (Northwest Plains District)
  • Dr. Patricia Groves, Lay person, Church of St. Andrew United Methodist, Toledo, (Maumee Watershed District) 
  • Mr. Dominic Mejia, Lay person, Wesley United Methodist Church, Bryan, (Northwest Plains District); student at Ohio Wesleyan University, (Capitol Area North District)
  • Mrs. Mary Shumard, Lay person, Hartzell United Methodist Church, Blue Ash, (Ohio River Valley)
  • Rev. Dee Stickley-Miner, Director of Connectional Ministries, West Ohio Conference; member United Methodist Church for All People, (Capitol Area South)
  • Mr. Harris Tay, Director of Diversity Initiatives, West Ohio Conference; Lay person, Grace United Methodist Church, Dayton, (Miami Valley District)
  • Ms. Dorine Vogel, Lay person, Kossuth Zion United Methodist Church, Delphos, (Northwest Plains District)

Event Facilitators: 

September 27 in Grove City:Calvin Alston, Jay Anderson, Todd Anderson, Joe Blundo, Bill Brownson, David Cady, Julie Carmean,  Nathan Custer, P. Michael Fogle, Casey Irwin, Barbara Jackson, Harry Kearns, Blain Keene, Gregory Kendrick, Jeffrey Mullinix, Karen Muntzing, Donnetta Peaks, Joseph Phelps, Jill Philipp, John Riddle, Hope Roberts, Nancy Rogers, Angie Sherer, Stephen Swisher, Harris Tay, Robert Turner, Rafael Velazco, Keith Vesper, John Wallace, James Wilson

September 28 in Jackson: Nancy Amos, Matthew Brooks, Mark Chow, Carol Davis, Kevin Dotts, Roberta Eddy, Steven Fewell, Neil Foster, Joy French, Sheryl Goble, Allyssa Graves, Diana Hall, Brad Jenkins, Kurt King, Steve McGuire, Thomas Payton, Beth Rice, Paul Risler, David Roach, Euggle Robertson, Dwayne Dwayne Shugert, Diana Skinner, Todd Wallace, William Whistler, Jaime Wirth

September 29 in Middletown: Jeffrey Allen, Miriam Ault,  Laurie Benedum, Leonie Blaney, David Brentley, Karen Brentley, Terry Cavanaugh, Leroy Chambliss, Dick Coldwell, Beth Anne Crego, Debra Egloff, Chris Farmer, Rod Fightmaster, Mark Finfrock, David Finney, Sherry Gale, Stephen Gill, Joel Harbarger, Thomas Harry, Janet Harry, Terry Heck, Chris Henderson-Johns, Nicole Henderson-Johns, Debra Holder, Derek Horton, Daniel Hughes, Joan Johnson, Lisa Kerwin, Jonathan Kollmann, David Mack, Jackie Marshall, Mary McGuire, David Meredith, Thomas Miller, Rick Nance, Dean Penrod, Kirk Petterson, Tim Reeves, Lori Reiber, Pam Roehling, Laura Saunders, Barb Schnecker, Randy Stearns, Carol Stephenson, Larry Stephenson, Lee Strawhun, Heather Tackett, Dan Vanoli, Elizabeth Vanoli,  Lisa Wachenfeld, Larry Wells, Jen Wiegele, Linda  Young

September 30 in Findlay: Barry Baughman, Laura Bensman, Michael Berne, Carol Blass, Andrea Cheeseman, Mark Gregory, Helen Guilford, Erin Hachtel, Jonathan Hanover, Charlotte Hefner, Kay Jacob, Janice Johnson, Steven Judson, Mary Kay, Duane Kemerley, Barbara Lane, Tony Lane, Barbara Lee, Bruce McDaniel, Eric McGlade, Thomas Mellott, Amy Miller, Richard Rakay, Virginia Elizabeth Rand, Karen Rogers, Rae Lynn Schleif, James Sharrett, Karen Shepler, Paul Stark, Melissa Steinecker, Paula Stewart, Harris Tay, David To, Bruce Tumblin, Gregory Wack, Chris Walter, Mark Weatherman, Carol Williams-Young, Mary Jo Yeakel