Churchgoers arrested after ICE detains man

United Methodists were among more than two dozen people arrested while trying to block the removal of an unauthorized immigrant who had taken sanctuary in a North Carolina church. Samuel Oliver-Bruno, 47, had taken refuge in CityWell United Methodist Church in Durham, North Carolina, for 11 months while applying to remain in the United States to care for his ill wife. He left the church Nov. 23 to meet with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in Morrisville, North Carolina, for an appointment as part of his application to delay his deportation to Mexico. Less than half an hour after he walked into the Morrisville offices, plainclothes agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested him. United Methodists, including members of CityWell, and other community members formed a human wall around the van taking Oliver-Bruno to detention and refused to leave. They prayed, sang worship songs and chanted “Let him go” before Morrisville police arrested 27 people who were blocking the vehicle’s path. Oliver-Bruno’s 19-year-old son, Daniel, a U.S. citizen, also was arrested on state charges of physically assaulting a government official. He potentially could face federal charges as well. Read More.