A Call to Prayer for the North Central Jurisdictional Conference

Dear Friends in Christ Jesus:

This is a season of Christian Conferencing in the United Methodist way. Charge Conferences are a plenty. This week the North Central Jurisdictional Conference will convene in a Special Session November 11-12. Last week the Council of Bishops of our global church convened for four days for our semi - annual meeting, conferencing several hours each day. While we would have preferred to meet in person, the time is not yet. We Zoomed the week away. Nevertheless we were able to get a lot done; not the least of which was worship and the opportunity to meet in our Covenant Groups. Both of these opportunities slaked some of our thirst and fed our hunger for God and community.

The litany of worshipful work that we engaged was long. I want to share a few highlights:

  • Continued our work on Dismantling Racism in pursuit of Beloved Community
  • Affirmed recommendations to meaningfully respond to the crisis of climate change
  • Supported a missional initiative to work for equitable access to COVID vaccine globally
  • Received an update about the ongoing work to bring healing and justice to victims harmed through the BSA
  • Heard a status report from the Chair of the Commission on The General Conference
  • Received with appreciation “Faith Working Through Love: A Resource for United Teaching” offered by the Committee on Faith and Order and commended it to the church as teaching resource
  • Authorized a theological study about online communion
  • Endorsed a Narrative for a Continuing United Methodist Church
  • Approved interim episcopal assignments for 2022 to cover areas in the North Central Jurisdiction where bishops have retired

I look forward to sharing with you more about all of the above and the conversations and work that will flow from them. In the meantime hold the North Central Jurisdictional Conference in your prayers this week. I remain,


Your Servant in Christ,

† Bishop Gregory V. Palmer