Bishop Reports from Council of Bishops Meeting

Dear Friends in Christ Jesus:

Grace and peace to you in the name and Spirit of Jesus the Risen Christ.

As I write to you, I am attending the Spring meeting of the Council of Bishops. This is our first time being together since the called General Conference in St. Louis. As you might imagine, we are spending significant portions of our time reflecting on the General Conference and the recent rulings of the Judicial Council. The conversations are robust, frank, thoughtful, missional and care-filled. Perhaps most importantly, they are future-facing. Together we are asking, “How can we lead so as to pour good news and hope into the church and the world?” Thank you for your continued prayers and your faith and faithfulness in mission and ministry. What you do day in and day out to follow Jesus and serve your neighbors in his name is the strongest “letter of recommendation” of the Gospel.

At no time when Christians gather together can we lose sight of the world around us. We have noted many things in that regard as we have gathered. Among them are our continuing addiction to gun violence (Highlands Ranch, CO) and disasters in many places. Your responses of compassion, presence and tangible resources mean everything to someone. Thank you.

In West Ohio, we will soon have the privilege of being together to do the work of the Annual Conference. The Clergy Session will be on Monday, May 13, at Otterbein University, and the full body will gather at Lakeside starting on Sunday, June 2, through Thursday, June 6. Your prayers and preparation for this good work are encouraged and welcome.

All the best in Christ Jesus,

+Bishop Gregory V. Palmer