Bible Study on Environmental Sustainability Now Available

Melting ice caps. Rising sea levels. Global wildfires. Mass extinctions.

Rev. Ryan Grace spent most of his life believing global warming was a problem too big to do anything about."After years of caring about the environment without doing much to care for it, I began looking for local solutions to the global crisis of climate change," Rev. Grace says. "I discovered a growing network of people who were building local, sustainable ways of life in the Appalachian foothills of Southeast Ohio."

After spending several months meeting with a number of these gifted leaders, Rev. Grace filmed and directed The Footprint of the Foothills documentary, which focuses on celebrating sustainability in Appalachian Ohio. Based on his experiences, he then wrote an accompanying video-based Bible study to be used by small groups, Bible studies, Sunday school classes, and UMW circles. The Bible study is not intended to guide an abstract discussion, but to encourage practical steps for individuals, churches, and communities to become more sustainable in their own local contexts.

Each session studies Scripture; explores the historic economic realities of Southeast Ohio; examines a United Methodist Social Principle; interviews experienced leaders of sustainable initiatives; and discusses pragmatic ways for people to 'Change the Climate' by living more sustainable lives.

"From rolling hills to family farms, the people of Southeast Ohio live in a Land of Plenty," Rev. Grace remarks. "They have a lot to teach about how to care for God's creation while making a living off the land...if we are willing to walk with them and witness how they are changing The Footprint of the Foothills."

The Bible study is free to download and use; an internet connection is required for access to the video resources. For more information, email mgrace [at]" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">Mariellyn Grace.

Written by Mariellyn Grace, Mission and Communication Coordinator

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