All In Community offers monthly ministry development

In a world wrecked by big changes, many of us have discovered that consistency and companionship are two things we need most to keep moving forward. In 2021, All In Community is offering three monthly opportunities designed for mutual discipleship and encouraging engagement. Each offering will harness the collective compassion, wisdom, and innovation from the group gathered online as we seek to bring hope and healing in the midst of harmful circumstances. Mark your calendar and plan to participate in the following monthly events:

  • Every Second Saturday Series – Topics include caring for victims, emerging ministry perspectives and practices, trauma-informed ministry and creating healing communities for reentry. 2nd Saturdays @ 10AM on Zoom. (Click here to register)

  • Saturday Circles – Join the restorative environment of a Listening Circle, where topics include the pandemic’s impact, family incarceration, victimization and racial justice. 4th Saturdays @ 10-11:30AM on Zoom. (Click here to register)

  • Ministry Mondays – Learn about specific All In Community ministry pathways such as HOPE Letters ministry, AIC Grants & Community Engagement, and the 72-Hour Pack Pilot Project. 4th Mondays @ 7:00-8:30PM on Zoom. (Click here to register)

For more information, email allincommunity [at]