All In Community to Focus on Victims & Families in 2019
For 2019, several new All In Community efforts will encompass often overlooked criminal justice-involved populations: victims and families. "Our 2018 All In Community survey revealed that we have many more victims and families just within our own congregations than we first thought. Of the 487 congregations that responded, almost 90% indicated they had families with justice-involved loved ones and 40% were aware of victims within their faith community," says Reba Collins, All In Community consultant. "This year, we want to grow West Ohio's willingness, capability, and capacity to be safe sanctuaries of hope and healing for the ones left behind in our communities who are dealing with the aftermath of a crime." For the first quarter of 2019, All In Community has planned the following District Workshops focused on victim care, families, and community engagement:
  • January 26:  Being a Good Samaritan for Crime Victims & Justice-Involved Families, Miami Valley District Local Church Leader Training Day
  • February 2:  Jail Ministry 101: Transformation through Transition, Capitol Area Districts Leadership Training Day
  • February 10:  Going All In in Your Community, Foothills District Leadership Training Day Workshop
  • rebakco [at] (February 12): Faith-based Advocacy Best Practices Webinar, Noon-1pm
  • February 23:  Going All In in Your Community, Northwest Plains District Leadership Day Workshop