Airport Hanger Transformed into Giant Mission Site to Feed the Hungry

LoveThe614 is a missional movement bringing people together through serving. This vision was born at Trinity United Methodist Church through a missions team with a deep desire to spread God's hope and love with Columbus, aka "The 614." 

Recently, a group of United Methodist churches invited their communities from the 614 to pack meals for starving children across the world. 1,700 people experienced what it is like to serve like Jesus in an airplane hangar at Don Scott Hangar #5. It was incredible to see people from age 5 to 95 serve alongside each other and be the hands and feet of Jesus. Community was built through people coming together to serve side-by-side. 

As a result of people serving for two hours, 366,000 meals were packed. This is enough food for 1,000 kids to be fed for an entire year who otherwise would have gone without. Churches, local businesses, and sports teams walked away with the sense that they had turned hunger into hope.  Several United Methodist Churches joined Trinity in this effort including Church of the Messiah, Worthington, Scioto Ridge and Grove City (Purple Door Church).

LoveThe614 is excited for what is next as it seeks to continue the vision for what it would be like to invite people to serve together. We are aware that there are plenty of factors that can pull us away from each other. What we constantly ask ourselves is this, "What can bring us together?" We believe that serving in the ways of Jesus postures us to be in prime real estate to bring the city together and invite people to experience God's Kingdom.

If your congregation is interested in joining the LoveThe614 movement for upcoming events, please contact Rocky Riddle at rriddle [at]