Adams County feeding ministry shows community care

Since 2017, the worship attendance at Liberty Chapel Scrub Ridge has doubled. The increase is a result of community outreach.

A few years ago, the congregation was looking for a way to meet an immediate need of the community: access to food.

Under the leadership of the Rev. Chuck Reeves, the church invested $50 to secure a membership to the FreeStore food bank in Cincinnati and launched a food pantry. With food filling the fellowship hall, the pantry served 60-70 families weekly. The FreeStore provided the food, while members of the church and community volunteered.

Multiple vehicles have served the ministry; some broke down, but the ministry has continued. With a grant from the FreeStore and the West Ohio Annual Conference Shawnee Valley District, the ministry secured a vehicle that is still in use today.

The number of families served has doubled since the COVID-19 pandemic began. A nearby sawmill parking lot accommodates the traffic increase.

Instead of working in the pantry, Reeves sees the time as an opportunity for fellowship. “I don’t have to work the pantry,” he said. “I can work the people. Some ask to see a pastor and want a time of prayer.”

As growth continues at Liberty Chapel Scrub Village, Reeves sees a new fellowship hall and food pantry in the future. Reflecting on the growth of this ministry, he said, “People don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care.”

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