7 year-old Urges Church to "Put a Sock in It"

During the month of October, Wesley Williams (age 7) decided to challenge Coburn United Methodist Church to bring in socks for Socktober.  With the tagline "Put a Sock in It," Wesley challenged church members to bring in socks to give to the homeless shelter and free store. He explained to the church that these are "the most needed and least donated item." He set the goal of 1,000 pairs of socks.  With the help of his brother Walter (age 4), he manned a Lemonade Stand at the Coburn Craft Bazaar, where they raised $150 to purchase more socks.  The Coburn Fair Stand uses money raised at the Muskingum County Fair to give money to mission projects.  They decided to give Wesley $100 for his efforts. 

As the pairs of socks were counted, the total came to 1030 pairs of socks.  Wesley had exceeded his goal without spending any of the $325 that had been donated.

Wesley decided to purchase the socks at Sam's Club.  He invited some friends from church who had worked at the Fair Stand this summer to come with him to buy the socks.  While at Sam's Club, Wesley talked to the manager who decided to give him $50 in gift cards to assist with the purchase of socks.  Wesley was able to purchase 370 pairs of socks that day, bringing his total to 1,400.  He also received 8 pair of gloves and some hand/foot warmers.

Wesley shared a report on Sunday, November 10th in worship. Cindy Eveland from First United Methodist Church (home of the Homeless Shelter and Free Store) came to give thanks to Wesley for his project.