4 days. 8 districts. 250 Handbooks. 1 minivan.

By Amy Haines, Vice-chair of the West Ohio Board of Ministry

From September 10-13 a team from the Office of Ministry and Board of Ministry traveled around the conference to empower and equip all of our district Committees on Ministry (dCOM). The dCOMS journey with candidates for ministry from their initial discernment of a call through years as a licensed local pastor or until affirmation on to the Conference Board of Ministry for commissioning (elder/deacon) or associate membership interviews.

These September Training Events offered consistency across the conference for a more candidate centered approach with stage appropriate questions. The dCOMS were empowered to ask the hard questions on theology, call, and practice of ministry as those who know a candidate best. Members of the dCOM were reminded of their sacred work and thanked for taking seriously such a holy responsibility.

Every dCOM member left their training event equipped with a new dCOM Handbook, a resource guide with information gleaned from best practices of our districts and denomination. This Handbook puts into one place such items as Book of Discipline summaries and questions, information on Candidacy Summit and Course of Study, interview guidelines and even new interview forms. Many dCOM members were highly appreciative to receive the Handbook, all of which has also been made available online.

If you would like to hear more about the dCOM Training Events please contact any member of the training team: Wade Giffin or Amy Aspey in the Conference Office of Ministry, Doug Damron or Amy Haines from the Conference Board of Ministry.