30 Day Anti-Racism Project

Campus minister Morgan Stafford committed his life to being anti-racist. “As a white man, I have learned that I’ve benefitted from racism, while people of color have been harmed. I believe that white Christians must take the lead to confront and dismantle racism. It’s our job.”

During the month of June, Stafford committed to do at least one thing every day to listen to, learn from, do, and become more anti-racist and post his progress on social media.

GCORR liked the idea and asked Stafford if they could share his story. As a result, GCORR invites white allies (and others) to spend the month of September doing #30DaysAntiRacism. Please post photos of your activities using #30DaysAntiRacism and encourage your friends, members of your congregation, Sunday school class, pastors, and community partners to join this 30 day commitment.

Click here, for a calendar and more information.