2021 Board of Ordained Ministry Interviews

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”
 Mark 16:15

On January 31- February 2, nearly 70 members of the West Ohio Conference Board of Ordained Ministry (BOM) under the leadership of the Rev. Dr. Suzanne Allen, Chairperson; Rev. Meshach Kanyion, Vice-Chairperson, Rev. Steve Putka, Secretary, and Rev. David Cady, Interview Prep Coach, participated in the annual Interviews for those requesting credentials in the United Methodist Church. The process of credentialing starts with those who feel led to explore a call to ministry. After meeting with their District Superintendents and the District Committee for an Introductory Meeting, participating in the Candidacy Summit, and attending Seminary candidates must be approved by the District Committee on Ordained Ministry before meeting with the BOM. 

To be invited to interview, Candidates must complete the requirements which include responding to Disciplinary Questions, designing a bible study, writing, and recording a Sermon on prescribed texts, submitting a background and credit check, medical statement, and recommendations from Seminary, the District Superintendent, the local church, and others. This is not all inclusive but helps to provide a sense of the level of commitment and investment made on behalf of all those who are pursuing credentials in the UMC. 

The actual Interviews involve a thorough reading of the file for each Candidate and to interview each to demonstrate readiness for ministry for those seeking Commissioning or Provisional status and for those who are seeking Full Membership and Ordination. Due to COVID-19 and the effort to keep everyone safe, the Interviews were conducted in an unprecedented way through an all-Virtual Platform. The Candidates were well prepared, adaptable to the new format, and were able to demonstrate their abilities and readiness to continue to lead in the many places where they are currently serving. 

The Celebration of Ministry Service which will include Commissioning and Ordination will take place on Wednesday, May 19 in the afternoon. The service will be livestreamed and will allow for a wide range of people to view and support those who are being credentialed. Your continued support and encouragement for all those seeking ministry credentials is greatly appreciated. Please pray for all those who interviewed. Also, please remember to celebrate those whose requests were affirmed. Their names are listed here. 


Provisional Deacon 

  • Hannah Ewald 
  • Angel Schroeder

Provisional Elder

  • Mary Cheeseman 
  • R Kevin Hall 
  • Melissa Hart
  • James Jennings 
  • Audrey McClain
  • Dominic Mejia
  • Greg Miller

Full Deacon

  • DoYoung Park 

Full Elder

  • Julie Alsip
  • Jennifer Bass 
  • Jessica Cavinee
  • Clara Kwon 
  • Ernest Ologo
  • Vincent Pontius 
  • Victoria Robinson 
  • Alex Wiles
  • Joshua Wynn

The Clergy Session always makes final decisions about credentialing, membership, and status changes. The Clergy Session takes place on the morning of Wednesday, May 19.