New Consecration Sunday

New Consecration Sunday

In the summer months many church leaders begin to plan for their Annual “Stewardship” Campaign for the fall.  As you probably know the mission of the Council on Development is “to equip local churches to grow generous stewards to advance the mission and vision of the West Ohio Conference.”  As a reminder the WOC mission is to “make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the world.”  Toward that end the Council on Development has established stewardship programs, planning and strategies as a priority.

From experience, New Consecration Sunday by Herb Miller has benefited many churches with double digit increases in commitments and giving.  While not the only program available, it is intentional in teaching the Biblical principles of the stewardship of giving to God and ultimately the local church.  As a result the Council on Development has and is developing a list of “Guest Leaders” to have available on the WOC website. Churches are then free to select a person they trust, know and may be near their local community. 

The benefits of New Consecration Sunday include:

  • The need of the giver to give for their own spiritual development not for the church to receive
  • Focuses on “What is God calling me to give?”
  • Encourages stepping up toward the tithe incrementally
  • Celebrates the family of faith
  • A small team will find the program to be easy to implement
  • A Guest Leader provides a different voice to the message of stewardship of resources
  • A vast majority of churches experience double digit increases
  • The words “Estimate of Giving” is utilized which sounds and feels less legalistic result in more cards being submitted.

New Consecration Sunday is not a quick fix to church finances but it does move the congregation toward a deeper understand of giving as a spiritual issues.

Please contact the Council on Development office for a list of Consecration Sunday Guest Leaders

Stan Ling, Interim Director
sling [at]
614-844-6200 Ext. 247

Cat Lyle
Administrative Assistant
clyle [at]
614-844-6200 Ext. 222