B. Barte & E. Barte

B. Barte holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Education, awarded in 1991, and served as a deaconess from 1991 to 2008. She was commissioned in December 2001 and assigned to Cambodia, along with her husband, where she served until the end of 2009. E. Barte spent his early years helping to support his family after completing high school. He was able to learn auto/diesel mechanic skills in a machine shop, and later took a formal short-term training course. He has experience as a jitney driver in public transportation, and has also served as a church driver. In 1995, he married B. Barte, and the couple has been blessed with three sons.


Currently appointed to Laos, B. & E. Barte have the responsibility of running a vocational and English language school there. This is critically important in a country where the United Methodist Church is currently underground. The development of this school will provide a way for the United Methodist Church to operate in Laos. B. and E. are currently in Laos as teachers. B. will always remember her mother's words: "There will be challenges as you carry on your ministry, but you should keep on...there should be no turning back. God is with you." E. works mainly with youth development ministries and vocational training. He recently began a program called “Faith Engine Ministry,” which he formerly coordinated in Cambodia. This includes the teaching of skills in auto and motorcycle mechanics, welding, and basic driving lessons. Basic English conversation and an introduction to computer skills are also components of the program. “It has always been a great joy and blessing every time a former student comes to me and says, ‘Teacher, I have found a job,’" E. says. Learn more about B. & E's ministry by reading 'Meet Your Missionaries!'

How You Can Help

Your support of the Bartes will help them continue to plant hope and faith among the Lao people. Like all United Methodist missionaries, the Bartes are responsible for raising their own support through covenant relationships with individuals, groups, and congregations. Learn more about Covenant Relationships here. To support the Bartes, you may give online here or send a check to Advance GCFA, PO Box 9068, GPO, New York, NY 10087-9068 with 'B. Barte, #13984Z' or 'E. Barte, #13985Z' in the Memo line.