Laity Learnings

Call. One Word. Many Ways.

There are four unique Laity Learning opportunities for Lay members of Annual Conference during the Clergy Session on Monday, June 4, 8am - 10am.  Seating is limited, therefore online pre-registration is required.  (Space is limited to the capacity of each room, walk-ins will be accommodated if seating is available.)   


Encouraging/Empowering Laity and their Call

There are as many "calls" as there are laity in the West Ohio Conference.  This workshop will encourage and empower the laity to better define their call, own their calling, lean into their call, live out their call, and adjust their call as the Holy Spirit continues to shape and mold us.  The laity's personal mission statements and the collective call to action will help design the future of God's Kingdom here on earth.  Come and experience a reaffirmation of your call or perhaps a deeper meaning to your call in fellowship with other laity!

Presenter: Mary Shumard, (Certified Lay Minister) West Ohio Conference Co-Lay Leader (bio)
Location: Drackett Hall South

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The Abundant Life in Christ; Spiritual and Physical Self Care for Laity

Using the image of the vine and the branches we will explore how to be healthy while doing the work of a lay person in the church.  All persons are called by God whether we are ordained or lay people.  Often times, our lives can be a bit crazy.  We work full time, have family responsibilities, and lead in the life of the church.  It may seem, then, that there is not enough time to care for ourselves.  However, God created Sabbath... the world does not depend upon us, rather it depends upon the life-giving power of God's Spirit and redemptive love.  So...what then does it mean to take the time for self care?

Presenter: Kim La Rue, Spiritual Director (bio)
Location: Drackett Hall North

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Developing Community with Youth: Loving God, Self, and Others

Our discipleship journey is anchored in learning to love God, self, and others. As laity, we have a unique perspective on and commitment to our community.  But, how do we, as a Christian, learn to love our community, especially young persons? This workshop will help you learn how to deepen your discipleship journey through reaching into your community and building relationships with younger generations. 

Presenters: Mitchell Harper, West Ohio Conference Co-Lay Leader & Rebecca Hug, West Ohio Conference Community Engagement Coordinator (bios)
Location: Wesley Lodge North

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Seeing in Color, not just Black and White

Move beyond seeing your congregation stuck in a place of limited resources and options to embracing the beauty and abundant possibilities of changing lives forever.  The biggest obstacle to life changing ministry is often a faded black and white image of a world of living color.

Presenter: Rev. Richard Boone, (Church & Community Worker) Horizon Prison Initiative, London Correctional Institution (bio)
Location: Wesley Lodge South

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