July 2021 - Virtual Candidacy Summit Retreat

 West Ohio Conference Virtual Candidacy Summit Retreat

What is the Summit Retreat? 

The Candidacy Summit process is a discernment journey of exploring God’s call on your life.  It is an intensive time of being present to the movement of the Holy Spirit through preparation, participation and prayer. 

Exploring your call may seem overwhelming.  To help navigate the journey, each Conference has created a Step-by-Step Guide. In reviewing the Guide relative to your Conference, you will notice that the candidacy summit process is framed around a Candidacy Summit Retreat. The West Ohio Annual Conference offers the Candidacy Summit Retreat as a collaborative ministry.  No matter where you are in Ohio, the Summit Retreat is a first step on your discernment journey. The goal is not finishing. The goal is faithfulness; one step at a time.   

Who can attend? 

In order to attend, candidates must be recommended by their District Superintendent AND complete the necessary preparatory work.  

West Ohio  - Please see the Candidacy Process Step-by-Step Guide found below or talk with your District Leadership for more information.

Candidacy Summit Retreats are bi-annual events where West Ohio candidates worship, fellowship, meet with their mentoring group, learn, and reflect with others who are also exploring God’s call on their lives. The East Ohio Conference will re-join us in January for the Winter Candidacy Summit Retreat. 

When is the next Summit Retreat? 

The next Candidacy Summit Retreat is July 30-31, 2021. 

Where is the Summit Retreat held? 

The Summit will take place online via Zoom. 

How does one register? 

Click here to download the required forms and documents. If you would like more information about this event, please contact your District leadership or the Office of Ministry.

The final deadline to receive all registration materials is July 1, 2021. 


Click here for more information about Exploring Your Call.

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Blessings and encouragement for your journey!         

Rev. Donnetta Peaks

West Ohio Conference, Director, Office of Ministry 

Rev. Cindy Patterson 

East Ohio Conference, Board of Ordained Ministry, Administrative Coordinator


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